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  • Claudia Tilman

    26Jul 2017

    Needed someone to do a complete house clearance when my great aunt passed away, and needed it done really quickly. Recycling and Reuse were the only ones who were able to actually do it when I needed them to, and because I work weird hours, I was worried they'd be funny about it, but they were super flexible and did everything they could to fit around me. Cannot praise their efforts highly enough, plus they did a bang up job as well.

  • Laura H.

    13Jul 2017

    Have used other junk clearance companies before, but none of them hold a candle to London Recycling and Reuse Company. For a start the team are really, really friendly and we had such a laugh working with them, but they were also really professional and completed the job so quickly for me. Yet despite this, they were also the cheapest company I've used, so will definitely not be using anyone else from now on.

  • T. Cole

    27Jun 2017

    I wasn't even aware Recycling and Reuse existed until I needed to hire a rubbish removal company. They were friendly and polite, and they offered me a low price as a new customer.

  • Reginald Alton

    30May 2017

    Small junk removal job, the crew from Recycle and Reuse Services were easy to get on with, no rubbish left behind. Tidy, efficient and at a good price.

  • Bartholomew Hedges

    04May 2017

    The crew from RecycleReuse put in a superhuman effort when it comes to waste disposal. I've had them do a variety of jobs. No job is too big or too small. Always fair with the cost and always considerate. Their work is without fault, and their house manner is quite perfect. I am a customer for life and yes, will recommend them to family and friends.

  • Jamie A.

    24Apr 2017

    London Recycling and Reuse has a remarkable rubbish clearance service that provides the best value for my money. I would refer to my friends.

  • John M.

    13Mar 2017

    I got a lucrative deal when I hired Recycle and Reuse Services for rubbish removal. Every aspect of the service was carried out to a high standard. I was delighted with the end result.

  • Cynthia

    10Feb 2017

    Professional, friendly and dependable! Their rubbish collection team did a great job and saved me lots of money. Will certainly hire RecycleReuseCompany again in the future!

  • S. Ross

    16Jan 2017

    Took advantage of their offers on waste disposal and saved time, effort and lots of money! Would recommend Recycle and Reuse Services to anyone who wants to deal with rubbish on a budget!

  • Emily T.

    06Dec 2016

    I needed help with waste removal that is why I hired Waste Recycling and Reuse Services. They disposed of my junk in a matter of 2 hours and charged me a really low price!

  • William

    15Nov 2016

    Hired London Recycling and Reuse Company for rubbish clearance a week ago and was pleased with their work. They came on time and collected all my rubbish in a jiffy. The price was really affordable!

  • Keith E.

    27Oct 2016

    I've hired London Recycling and Reuse Company many times and last week I hired them again to help me with my loft decluttering project. They've once again done a great job and the final cost was as affordable as ever.

  • Andrew Stevens

    28Sep 2016

    Went to RecycleReuseCompany when I was in a big need of help with the garden waste disposal and they were just what I needed. They were punctual with the arrival; the collectors went through the garden really fast and got all the waste out within an hour. Excellent services, really happy and will recommend!

  • Melissa Thomas

    30Aug 2016

    Waste Recycling and Reuse Services were a huge help in disposing of my unwanted goods. They were able to come directly to my house and pick up everything. All the junk I had is now gone thanks to them.

  • Jennifer H.

    22Jul 2016

    Waste Recycle and Reuse Services seemed like a good choice for my loft junk removal, and their reviews were all very positive. I was happy to hire them after being quoted such a low price, and soon the teams had my attic fully cleared of junk and waste. I'm looking forward to hiring them again!

  • Len Jones

    29Mar 2016

    I used to love the garden in my childhood home and was beginning to miss it in my current abode. I wanted a garden I could spend time in and relax but the current state of it wouldn't allow this at the moment. I would need to shift lots of junk and old furniture that I'd dumped there so I got RecycleReuseCompany on the job. They were able to successfully clear out my garden in an hour, letting me begin to make my garden into what I wanted it to be. Thanks guys!

  • Henry E.

    17Nov 2015

    I had recently moved to a smaller place and needed a rubbish removal service. I was in a new town so I was unsure of which company was the best option for my needs. I then came across Recycling and Reuse. They were very professional; the team were ready with the work within hours! The price suited my needs, too. A truly worthy company that lives up to their positive image.

  • John Young

    16Nov 2015

    It was a simple case of hiring Waste Recycling and Reuse Services for my waste collection. They did all the work when it came to rubbish removal. They took care of everything. The process went better than I could have ever imagined, all because of them. If you are looking for an easy junk disposal services, then don't delay in calling them.

  • Shawn Sparks

    12Oct 2015

    I hired Waste Recycle and Reuse Services for my recent junk disposal, and they delivered a super service for the money. From the first call with the friendly office assistants, to the meeting to get a precise estimate, I just couldn't have asked for a better service. Thanks!

  • Royce L.

    02Oct 2015

    Recycling and Reuse is an excellent rubbish removals company that has the interest of all its clients at heart. This company helped me quickly and efficiently last week and I am so happy with their services and staff!

  • Billy J.

    24Sep 2015

    Due to my vast collection of expensive and rare ornaments I needed a very professional and trustworthy rubbish removal company. A good friend of mine recommended that I hired RecycleReuseCompany as her family had used them twice before. After an online search I was more than impressed with their positive reviews and decided to use this company. They were impeccable from the initial phone call to the end. They handled the work with great care and respect and I was very happy with how they conducted the whole process.

  • Mark T.

    03Sep 2015

    This rubbish removals company is absolutely brilliant! I'm very glad that I settled on RecycleReuse. With everything that needed planning and preparation, I was under a lot of stress, and getting frustrated with some of the more complicated tasks that needed my attention. The team was a big help, and more or less eliminated one of the things on my very long to-do list. Thanks!

  • Tara K.

    25Aug 2015

    A big thank you to everyone at RecycleReuse for your excellent work helping with my rubbish removal! Anyone reading this who's had to organize a move before will know just how stressful it can be. This firm took so much of that stress away, and allowed me more time to focus on the needs of my family. From the moment they get to work, you can see how professional and efficient they are. Everything was done well, all with a great friendly attitude.

  • Jake

    14Aug 2015

    I hired RecycleReuseCompany for my rubbish removal after hearing good things from a friend and I wasn't disappointed. The teams worked really efficiently to make my waste collection the easiest of my life. I'm over the moon with my experience and would recommend them to anyone looking for help!

  • Mr. Abbot

    03Aug 2015

    After several searches for a reliable rubbish removal company, a good friend of mine recommended Recycle and Reuse Services and I can see why. There was nothing that was too much effort for their team. The customer service fulfilled all of our requirements, even when at the last minute when we had to change our plans due to unforeseen circumstances. The team was very hard working and most of all very polite whilst working. We booked a team of two men who carried out the process easily and stress-free. Thanks for the brilliant service!

  • Greg Matthews

    24Jul 2015

    RecycleReuseCompany organized a full rubbish removal service for me even when I needed special attention. Everything went so smoothly! Impressive customer service from the initial call to the end.

  • Denise Fisher

    14Jul 2015

    If you want to take the stress out of waste collection process I would recommend you call Recycle Reuse. You won't find a cheaper or more professional rubbish removal service anywhere locally.

  • Louise C.

    03Jul 2015

    This company was amazing! I was very worried about the rubbish removal and all the stress and problems involved. However, Recycle Reuse reassured me and made the whole process very easy for me. I couldn't be more thankful. I would highly recommend this company.

  • Maggie P.

    22Jun 2015

    Had I not taken my back out I had planned to do my own rubbish removal. I'm quite glad I did hurt my back really though because I ended up using RecycleReuseCompany for the job and they were so cheap, I wondered why I had even entertained the idea of going it alone! I really recommend their waste collection services.

  • W. Walker

    12Jun 2015

    With all the animals and small children I have I thought junk disposal was going to be an absolute nightmare! I couldn't have been further from the truth though because London Recycling and Reuse did an absolutely sterling job and at a really low price.

  • Paul Bradbuy

    03Jun 2015

    I needed a reliable and fast rubbish removal service. I wanted a good price and Recycle Reuse offered me the very best deal. I don't hesitate to recommend them either as they're cheap but really professional company.

  • William J.

    30Jan 2015

    I am usually the kind of guy who would much rather pay a bit more for a service and be satisfied with it than save money and then be unhappy. However, Waste Recycling and Reuse Services proved my “philosophy” wrong. Their fee was the most affordable I could find for rubbish removals services, yet there is not one thing I would complain about when it comes to what they offered. Excellent! Five stars!

  • Susan

    23Jan 2015

    I never thought rubbish removal would be this stressful. I called RecycleReuseCompany because I truly needed help - and they truly offered it. They were here at the appointed time, they were extremely hard-working and the job was done without any scratch. Great job!

  • Jimmy D.

    16Dec 2014

    After finally finding the perfect new home, which really wasn't easy, I was left to handle the whole rubbish removal almost all on my own. I quickly evaluated the situation and found that it was too much of task for just one man. Professional help was needed and reliable professional help was what I got from Waste Recycle and Reuse Services. I had heard about them from a friend and their efforts really did live up to their reputation. The team didn't mess around and got the job done right first time with minimal fuss.

  • Gwen S.

    27Nov 2014

    After speaking to rubbish removal company after rubbish removal company and been given quote after quote, I found out that I couldn't get the customized service I required. That is until I spoke to Recycle and Reuse Services, smart, effective, and to the point, the team talked me through the entire set up and allowed me to make any tweaks I wanted. The team knew what they needed to be doing and how to do it. When it comes to that team I really must give them a big thank you!

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